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Beyond the surface: An examination of building envelopes through architectural case studies
Held: 18 April 2024

Join us on a journey to explore the latest innovations and sustainable practices transforming building envelopes in our next buildings, design, and specification event series.

This engaging and enlightening session, run in partnership with Carlisle, is designed for architects and design professionals from across the supply chain eager to explore the latest innovations and sustainable practices transforming building envelopes.

The event at Manchester Hall covered a trio of case study presentations from leading architects covering broad range of building typologies and performance criteria.

The event explored key considerations that impact the specification and delivery of building envelopes across a variety of projects.

The presentations will cover issues such as:

1. Innovative materials and technologies

2. Sustainability & circularity in construction

3. Climate-responsive designs

4. Integration of renewable energy

5. Resilience and durability

6. Aesthetic decision-making

7. Regulatory landscape and future trends

Engage with industry experts, gain actionable insights, and be inspired to push the boundaries of architectural innovation and sustainability. Don’t miss your chance to be at the forefront of the building revolution— catch up on On-demand

Stuart Fraser, partner, Make Architects

In this session you will discover how architects are pushing the boundaries of design with innovative approaches to building envelope design through exploring the New Bailey masterplan.

In this session the audience will learn about the design process and choices used across three projects in the scheme. The presentation will explore how these choices apply to three different types of facades; brick, green wall and steel.

Source: Paul Karalius

Source: Make Architects

Source: Paul Karalius

Michael Riley, architect director, BDP

Over a 10 year period, BDP will act as lead consultant and principal designer to envision a collection of new buildings that will enhance excellence in teaching, collaboration and top level research at the University of Warwick.

In this session explore how the design and specification decisions are being made, the innovative approaches being taken and what that means for the buildings being delivered, especially their envelopes.

Alex Smith, Partner, Sheppard Robson

Now onsite, Sheppard Robson is working on the refurbishment of the 1960s Grade II-listed Pall Mall Court , a sustainability-focused workplace development for Bruntwood located within a conservation area in Manchester’s City Centre.

The session will focus on the design team’s approach to painstakingly and faithfully recreating c. 90% of the building’s façade while improving its performance.
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