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As the construction industry continues to employ increasingly digitalised ways of working the risk proposed by cyber threats has never been greater. 

Join us on 28 April as our Construction Cyber Security Forum joins forces with the National Cyber Security Centre and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to discuss how and why construction firms need to protect themselves from cyber threats.

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Thursday 28 April


Sponsored by:
NCC Group Dark Blue

Getting started: How can construction firms set up a best-in-class cyber security system?

Cyber criminals can be relentless in their attempts to find and exploit vulnerabilities and with the increasing volumes and complexity of data that modern construction businesses generate, it can be daunting to build, maintain and update the systems necessary to give IT departments the visibility of data and traffic patterns they rely on to identify potential criminal activity.

In this session, sponsored by NCC Group, Robin Vann the organisation’s commercial director/sentinel will explore how the application of best-of-breed Microsoft technology combined by expert support can significantly reduce your cyber risk exposure. As part of this a demonstration an attack and defence scenario will also be provided as a practical example to the audience.

Tim Rawlins, NCC Group director & senior advisor will explore the current risks, advice and guidance for the construction industry, including the NCSC’s sector guidance. He will also delve into the significantly increased risk profile firms face due to convergence of IT and OT within the construction industry over recent years.

Speakers include:

·    Tim Rawlins, NCC Group director & senior advisor

·    Robin Vann, NCC Group commercial director/sentinel


Previous sessions



What is the role of the National Cyber Security Centre?

Who is the National Cyber Security Centre and what is its role?

This session includes a presentation by an NCSC Representative to inform who the NCSC is and what the NCSC is doing to protect the UK from cyber attacks. 

It will also explore the work being done to help make the UK the safest place to live and work online.


Why does cyber security matter to construction? 

Construction firms have increasingly come under threat from cyber risks and attacks in recent years – but the question is why?

Attendees to this session will gain an understanding of why cyber security is important and realise the threats UK construction businesses face.


Speaker from:


What can construction firms do to protect themselves from cyber threats?

The NCSC provides a single point of contact for SMEs, larger organisations, government agencies, the general public and departments.

This session will provide a guided tour of the NCSC’s latest guidance for the construction sector.

The session has been designed to provide attendees the know-how to improve their cyber security.

Speaker from:

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