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23rd - 25th April 2024 | Live online event

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Building, Building Design and Housing Today are delighted to bring you our 2024 Digital Building Week. 

Digital Building Week will run for the fifth year in a row from 23rd-25th April, bringing together some of the leading digital experts within the industry to discuss some of the biggest issues impacting the sector. Each day will consist of a number of of live webinar discussions to ensure an in-depth exploration of the themes impacting the digital construction space. We will also be bringing you the latest news, features and commentary from our digital construction programme from across all our sister titles: Building, Building Design and Housing Today. All our panel sessions will be fully interactive, allowing you the chance to have your say, and put your questions to any of our panelists.

Explore the full programme below

Tuesday 23 April

11.00am - 12.00pm

Constructing the future: Unleashing AI's potential in the built environment

It is undeniable that the industry remains on a transformative journey that artificial intelligence will lie increasingly at the heart of. Its game-changing potential in the construction industry is ever-evolving and, therefore, in need of exploration.

In this webinar, our panel will explore innovative applications, practical strategies, and real-world success stories that showcase how AI is revolutionising construction processes, regardless of specialism or sub-sector.

Highlights are set to include:

1. AI applications in construction: Beyond the basics

– Explore the diverse range of applications where AI is making a significant impact in construction, from project planning and design optimisation to risk management and safety enhancement.

– Understand how AI-driven insights are reshaping decision-making processes and contributing to more efficient and sustainable construction practices.

2. Automation and robotics on the construction site

– Witness the integration of AI-powered automation and robotics in construction, showcasing how these technologies are revolutionising repetitive tasks, enhancing precision, and improving overall site safety.

– Learn about the latest advancements in construction robotics and their potential impact on productivity and worker wellbeing.

3. Preparing for the AI revolution: Skill development and integration

– Gain insights into the skills required for professionals to thrive in the AI-driven construction landscape.

– Understand practical steps for integrating AI technologies into existing workflows and fostering a culture of innovation within construction teams.

Speakers include:

Chair: Jordan Marshall
Special projects editor
Assemble Media Group
Shervin Deh Bozorgi
Group digital transformation lead
Cas Esbach
Project leader
Hezron Ricketts
CPC Project Services

2.00pm - 3.00pm

Lessons learned from major projects in the use of technology for construction excellence

In an era where technology is reshaping the construction landscape, this webinar is set to share lessons learned from major projects that have harnessed cutting-edge technologies to achieve high levels of success.

Join us as industry experts, thought leaders, and project managers converge to explore the intersection of technology and construction, unravelling the strategies, challenges, and triumphs behind major projects that have set new benchmarks for the industry.

Key highlights:

1. Digital transformation in construction: Understand how digital technologies, including Building Information Modelling (BIM), Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), are revolutionising traditional construction methodologies.

2. Real-world case studies: Dive into case studies of major construction projects that have successfully leveraged technology to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure project timelines.

3. Challenges and solutions: Explore the challenges encountered during the implementation of technology in construction projects and discover innovative solutions that have paved the way for success.

4. Collaboration and communication: Learn the importance of effective collaboration and communication platforms in fostering synergy among project stakeholders, from architects and engineers to contractors and suppliers.

5. Future trends and opportunities: Gain insights into emerging trends and future opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of construction technology, ensuring your organisation stays ahead of the curve.

Speakers include:

Chair: Thomas Lane
Group technical editor
Assemble Media Group
Amy Casterton
Business development director
ES Global
Paul Drayton
Head of digital
Laing O’Rourke
Dale Sinclair
Director, head of digital innovation

Wednesday 24 April

11.00am - 12.00pm

Building smart: Prefabrication and DfMA strategies for enhanced efficiency and sustainability in construction

Prefabrication and Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) have emerged as game-changing methodologies, offering solutions to the challenges faced by the construction sector. 

Explore with our panel of experts as the delve into the ways prefabrication and DfMA not only streamline processes but also contribute significantly to a greener, more sustainable construction industry.

Areas of discussion include:

1. Prefabrication: Accelerating timelines, elevating efficiency

– Dive into the world of prefabrication and discover how off-site manufacturing accelerates construction timelines.

– Explore real-world examples of how prefabricated components lead to faster, more streamlined project delivery without compromising quality.

2. DfMA principles: Integrating design and construction for efficiency

– Understand the core principles of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and its role in harmonising the design and construction phases.

– Learn how DfMA streamlines project workflows, minimises errors, and fosters a more collaborative approach to construction.

3. Cost-efficiency without compromise: The dual impact

– Delve into the cost benefits of prefabrication, including reduced labor costs, minimised material waste, and optimised project budgeting.

– Explore how prefabrication not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to overall project cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.

4. Sustainability in offsite construction

– Explore the environmental benefits of prefabrication and DfMA, including reduced on-site waste and energy efficiency.

– Understand how these methodologies align with broader sustainability goals, contributing to a greener and more eco-friendly construction industry.

5. Implementing change: Strategies for a sustainable future

– Discuss actionable strategies for implementing prefabrication and DfMA in construction projects.

– Explore best practices and lessons from industry leaders on fostering a culture of innovation for a more sustainable and efficient construction sector.

Speakers include:

Chair: Hollie Tye
Specification editor
Assemble Media Group
Graeme Brady
Engineering Manager
NG Bailey
Tim Carey
Design & C2P director – construct
Dave Clowe
Director and head of MMC
Turner & Townsend
Helen Hough
Head of building physics and sustainability
Bryden Wood

3.00pm - 4.00pm

Sponsored by:
Bolstering profits: Construction optioneering through the use of AI

In a time where the construction sector is facing tough market conditions across the globe it is now more important than ever for firms in the sector to carefully consider the best route forward for projects. In this session you will learn how you can “optioneer” your construction schedule through the power of AI, exploring numerous different ways to build before you ever break ground. The session aims to show how the use of AI as you plan, bid and build will reduce risk and produce more profitable projects.


Key discussion points include:

  • Run logic checks to quickly uncover problems with your plan so that you can address any concerns that emerge
  • Enhancing your baseline schedule by evaluating alternative ways to build using AI
  • Using ALICE Core’s sensitivity analysis capabilities to identify the ideal resource mix and sequencing options for your project
  • Integrating plans created using AI with existing project management software
Speakers include:
Chair: Daniel Gayne
Assemble Media Group
Andy Gabele
Director of solutions engineering
ALICE Technologies

Thursday 25 April

11.00am - 12.00pm

Leveraging data to maximise asset lifecycle management

This session aims to unlock the secrets to maximising the value of your building assets throughout their entire lifecycle in our upcoming webinar. Join our panel for an illuminating session where industry experts will guide you through the transformative journey of using data at every stage of a building’s lifecycle.

Key learning points include:

1. Data-Driven design strategies

– Explore how data-driven design approaches are shaping the architecture and construction landscape.

– Learn how to leverage data insights during the design phase to enhance functionality, energy efficiency, and overall performance.

2. Construction and implementation: Realising design intent

– Delve into the seamless transition from design to construction, understanding how data continuity ensures that the intended benefits are realised.

– Discover how data-driven construction practices contribute to faster project delivery, reduced costs, and improved construction quality.

3. Smart sensors and IoT for real-time monitoring

– Uncover the power of smart sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) devices in real-time monitoring of building assets.

– Learn how data collected from sensors can provide valuable insights into occupancy patterns, energy consumption, and equipment performance, facilitating proactive decision-making.

4. Predictive maintenance: Enhancing long-term performance

– Explore the concept of predictive maintenance and how data analytics can be employed to anticipate and prevent potential issues.

– Understand how predictive maintenance strategies can extend the lifespan of building assets, reduce downtime, and optimise operational costs.

5. Lifecycle data analytics for informed decision-making

– Gain insights into the role of data analytics throughout the building’s lifecycle, from design optimisation to ongoing operational decisions.

– Learn how to harness the power of data analytics tools to extract meaningful information for continuous improvement and informed decision-making.

Chair: Chloe McCulloch
Editorial director
Assemble Media Group
Grant Bezuidenhout
Associate director
Currie and Brown
Andreas Galatoulas
Data, analytics & AI director
Gareth Parkes
Head of data & analytics
Sir Robert McAlpine

2.00pm - 3.00pm

Sponsored by:
Digital innovation for enhanced building safety compliance
Embarking on a construction project has always involved meticulous planning and financial considerations, yet one of the most critical questions has become whether firms are meeting their building safety regulatory requirements. This has become especially pertinent in the era of The Building Safety Act.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of building safety regulations, staying abreast of evolving standards is paramount. In this webinar, industry experts will unravel the ways in which embracing digital and technological advancements can not only ensure compliance but also enhance occupant well-being in alignment with newer building safety guidelines, such as the Golden Thread.

Key discussion points will include:

– Explore how roles across the industry can meet their regulatory requirements with the use of software and construction
– Uncover how digital solutions can streamline compliance tasks, significantly reducing paperwork and minimising errors.
– Explore the versatile applications of software in efficiently managing documentation, creating audit trails, and facilitating regulatory reporting.
– Witness the power of data insights in driving safety improvements, guiding informed decision-making processes for a safer built environment.

Speakers include:
Chair: Carl Brown
Head of content
Assemble Media Group
Adam Nicholson
Group pre-construction director
Robert Salaj
Customer advocacy director, construction
Andrea White
Fire engineer and managing director
A W Fire
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