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Digital Building Week is back for 2022! This year things are running a little differently, with a programme of events across four content streams spanning all four days. Each event will feature leaders from the industry and beyond who are leading the way in digital construction.

Explore the streams and register for the free-to-attend sessions below, and keep up-to-date with our wider Digital Construction programme on Building, Building Design and Housing Today.

Stream #1: Collaboration, visibility & productivity

Tuesday 11 October

2.00pm - 3.00pm

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  • Inflationary crunch: How can construction firms bolster margins?
  • The UK construction sector is currently facing a time of unprecedented inflationary pressure, with rising energy prices, an ongoing skills crisis and higher interest rates all continuing to impact the industry. And with clients becoming increasingly cautious about launching new projects It is more important than ever that construction firms find a way to maximise margins on their existing workbook.
  • In this session we will look to explore how real-time visibility of building projects can provide scope for them to be delivered with higher operating margins, as well as discussing the ways in which this visibility can be achieved. Our panel of experts, who have been drawn from across the construction supply chain, will also discuss the challenges and barriers to these measures being implemented and how they can be overcome. 
  • Speakers include:
Chair: Jordan Marshall
Special projects editor
Assemble Media Group
Vimal Nair
VP International
Chris Carr
Joint managing director, Carr & Carr
Vice president, FMB
Kevin P’ng
Commercial director

Wednesday 12 October

11.00am - 12.00pm

  • How can innovations and processes boost employee productivity?

    The UK construction industry is facing an ongoing battle to attract and retain talent – leading to an industry-wide skills shortage. Demand for workers is high, which is not only an added contributor to construction price inflation but is also a threat to productivity. What’s more – the pressure to hit deadlines with a stretch workforce is undoubtedly contributing to talent attrition within in the sector.

    Join us as we discuss:

    • What are the effects of the skills shortage on the industry?
    • Are manual processes adding to the skills crisis?
    • What steps can be taken to overcome these issues?
    • With the correct learning, how can increased digital transformation support workers and productivity?

  • Speakers include:

Chair: Chloe McCulloch
Editorial director
Assemble Media Group
Katy Dowding
Executive vice president

Fabio Roberti
Regional practice technology leader (EMEA)
HKS Architects
Elena Vrabie
Senior technical director for highways

Stream #2: Digital construction competencies

Monday 10 October

2.00pm - 3.00pm

In partnership with:
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Masterclass: The Building Boardroom Academy – Digital Construction Programme

The Building Boardroom Academy: Digital Construction course is a new online learning programme for our global community of built environment professionals and is in partnership with PlanRadar.

In this masterclass hear from Rob Garvey, the programme director of the Academy’s digital construction programme and senior lecturer at the University of East London, as he explains what the course involves, the learning opportunities it includes and the CPD-accredited modules it includes.

Garvey, who has taught courses on BIM and digital construction for more than 10 years, will also provide insight into the exclusive content he is creating for the Academy’s course.

Speakers include:
Chair: Hollie Tye
Specification editor
Assemble Media Group
Rob Garvey
Programme director
Building Boardroom Academy: Digital Construction ​Programme

Stream #3: New technologies & innovations

Wednesday 12 October

2.00pm - 3.00pm

The rise of AR and VR in the built environment

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two technology trends that have been surrounded by a fair amount of hype within the built environment recent years. There are innumerable opportunities and benefits they present including design processes and decisions, error detection and snagging, improving safety and enhancing collaboration.

Our panel will discuss the differences in AR and VR and their respective applications for built environment firms. The experts will also explore the opportunities these applications present and the potential challenges to widespread adoption, as well as how they can be overcome.

Speakers include:

Chair: Jordan Marshall
Special projects editor
Assemble Media Group
Paul Connolly
Technical director
Johnathan Munkley
Digital services lead for property & buildings
Martha Tsigkari
Senior partner – head of applied R&D
Foster & Partners

Thursday 13 October

11.00am - 12.00pm

Geospatial and its impact on construction

In 2020, the government’s Geospatial Commission launched the UK’s Geospatial Strategy 2020-2025, setting out the role it believes location data can play in addressing industry concern areas such as improving infrastructure, tackling climate change, and building new homes. In fact, analysis from within this strategy suggests that more accessible and better-quality location data in infrastructure and construction could be worth over £4bn a year. But how can this be achieved?

In this session we will explore how the use of technologies such as digital twins, BIM and more can assist the construction industry in combating some of the most significant challenges facing the industry. The panel of experts will also discuss the challenges in achieving these goals and how they can be overcome innovation products, tools and applications can help the sector tackle its productivity problems.

Speakers include:

Thomas Lane
Group technical editor
Assemble Media Group
Callum Agnew
Maria Mamoura
Director in creative technologies
Bryden Wood
Elspeth McIntyre
Senior geospatial consultant
Cristina Ruiz Nolasco
Senior digital construction manager
Sir Robert McAlpine

Stream #4: Digital construction and new regulation

Tuesday 11 October

11.00am - 12.00pm

Implementing building and fire safety regulation reform

Ever since the Grenfell Fire tragedy, building and fire safety reform has been at the top of both the government and industry’s agenda. This culminated in the passing of the Building Safety Act this year – with its stage implementation set to continue over the coming months. As such, it is imperative firms in the built environment learn how to navigate and manage the regulatory requirements.

In this session our experts will discuss how firms can manage and embed the Golden Thread and other data requirements of the Building Safety Act, as well as the digital and technological solutions able to assist with cladding and other safety remediation. The session will also explore what solutions will be available to assist with meeting the requirements of Gateways 2 & 3 when they are introduced.

Speakers include:

Chair: Carl Brown
Head of content
Assemble Media Group

Stuart Byford
BIM lead

Janine Kayode
Principal fire engineer
OFR Consultants

Thursday 13 October

2.00pm - 3.00pm

Sponsored by:
Navigating Part L and net zero regulation

With the climate crisis only continuing to escalate and the built environment still being one of the greatest contributors to carbon emissions, the urgency to implement and manage reforms designed to achieve net zero has never been greater. For firms working in the design, construction and housing sectors it is imperative to explore what digital and technological levers can be used to best implement the new regulatory requirements designed to address net zero.

In this session our panel of experts will explore how to achieve and manage Part L and other compliance and the technological and digital innovations that will help meet net zero requirements. They will also discuss the barriers to the implementation of these solutions and how they can be overcome.

Speakers include:

Chair: Jordan Marshall
Special projects editor
Assemble Media Group
Mike White
Chief technology officer
Stephanie Crombie
Head of sustainability
Morrow + Lorraine
Rico Wojtulewicz
Head of housing and planning policy

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