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Just like the rest of the world, the construction sector has undergone a massive change in the past two years. A shift in the way firms operate and growing inflationary pressures have intersected with the sector’s ongoing productivity challenges, and as such are at the centre of our first Digital Building Series event for 2022. 

The free-to-attend virtual event, taking place on 21 April, will include exclusive analysis and opinion pieces, as well as live panel discussions, that will provide insight, advice and analysis for firms working right across the built environment.

PLUS, if you register for any of our Digital Building Series sessions, you’ll be eligible for a free branded moleskin with a subscription to Building.

You’ll be able to gain unlimited access to all our latest digital related and wider industry news alongside features, interviews with the industry’s most influential figures, exclusive industry research, cost models, access to our extensive archive and much more. Look out for the link in your webinar confirmation email.

Thursday 21 April

9.30am - 10:00am

Sponsored by:

Keynote interview – Asset management: How can construction get the most out of its buildings?

Maximising the performance, efficiency, and productivity of assets in the built environment has long-been on the construction industries agenda. And the importance of why and how the sector can do this cannot be overstated.

In this keynote session hear from Neil Thompson, Atkins’ director of digital construction, as we explore the significance of digital asset management and how the lack of comprehensive data about a building makes it hard to get the most of out of it. We will also discuss how digital innovations can ensure physical assets are as productive and efficient as possible. 

Speakers include: 

Chair: Jordan Marshall
Special projects editor
Neil Thompson
Director - digital construction

11.00am - 12.00pm

Webinar: Productivity crunch: How can construction tackle inflationary pressures?

Material and labour shortages are once again plaguing the UK and global construction sectors. What is more is that they are added inflationary pressures to an industry with long-standing productivity issues. So the question becomes – how can new ways of working and technological advances help tackle the problems caused by the latest supply chain issue?

In this session, our panel of experts will discuss what the construction supply chain can do to modernise its process and utilize new technologies and methodologies to help address international labour and product shortages. The panel will also explore the barriers to the implementation of these solutions as well as exploring how those challenges can be overcome.

Speakers include:

Chair: Chloë McCulloch
Simon Rawlinson
Head of strategic research
Rachel Hoolahan
Sustainability coordinator
Laura Collins
Project director

2.00pm - 3.00pm

Webinar: The rise of flexible working in construction

Despite the UK now largely entering a post-covid world, it is undeniable that construction businesses are still operating in a vastly different way than what they once did. Clients, contractors, housebuilders, consultants and architects have all employed a much more flexible way of working over the past two years.

In this session, hear from our panel of experts as they discuss how their respective business not only went about mobilising flexible working options but more importantly how they intend to manage it moving forward. The session will explore everything from the business strategies and policies to the digital technologies, applications and programmes that will allow for flexible working to be a mainstay of the construction sector.

Speakers include:

Chair: Jordan Marshall
Special projects editor
Alice Jennison
Inclusion and diversity manager
Angus Duguid
Regional commercial business leader and vice president

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