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The future of building envelopes: Exploring innovation and sustainability through case studies
Took place: 30 November 2023
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Join us for this Buildings, Design and Specification event to explore innovative building envelope systems that are reshaping the way we think about architecture and specification.

Originally hosted at the Tate Modern on 30 November, this knowledge-sharing and networking event will explore the use of innovative products in practice.

Delivering peer learning with a series of enlightening case studies from visionary architects and designers, the event will cover a broad range of building typologies and performance criteria.

These case studies delve deep into the transformative technologies, materials, and concepts driving the evolution of building envelopes, revealing how specification choices can enable greater safety and improved sustainability.

Speakers include:


Tim Gledstone, partner, Squire & Partners


In this session, you will discover how architects are pushing the boundaries of skyscraper design by reimagining the possibilities of building envelopes.

Explore this through an in-depth examination of Triptych Bankside that showcases pioneering facades, dynamic lighting systems, fire resistance and waterproofing systems and innovative materials that redefine modern cityscapes. 
Triptych Bankside-trio

Toby Jeavons, associate partner, RSHP


Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular across the UK. In this session, discover how designers are exploring the spectrum of roofing and facade technologies required to deliver exceptional green roofs, thorugh the Macallan Distillery case study.

We will investigate how design and specification decisions are made with regard to waterproofing systems, drainage options, through to the potential sustainability benefits such as thermal enhancements for the building. 
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Sheldon Walsh, partner, Ryder Architecture

Discover how innovative building envelopes are impacting built environment assets open to the public.

The National Rehabilitation Centre case study will demonstrate how architects and designers are creating environments with designs that enhance user wellbeing, optimise natural lighting, and improve energy efficiency. It will delve into the specification decisions that enhance the building envelopes of publicly accessible buildings to ensure they are safe and sustainable. 

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