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Monday 26 June


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Supply chain management, financing, and regulatory considerations for residential MMC projects

The UK is currently facing a severe shortage of affordable homes, and many experts believe that modern methods of construction (MMC) can play a key role in addressing this challenge. Our expert panelists will discuss the current state of the housing crisis and the potential benefits of MMC for increasing the speed and efficiency of housing delivery.

They will also delve into specific examples of MMC projects from around the country, highlighting the advantages and challenges of different approaches. Our panelists will also share their insights on topics such as supply chain management, financing, and regulatory considerations for MMC projects.

Chair: Carl Brown
Head of content
Assemble Media Group
Ron Lang
Regional director and MMC strategic lead
Olivia Burton
Senior Development Manager
London Land Group
Andrew Shepherd
Managing director

Unpacking building services specification: Sustainability, retrofit, and regulatory reform

In light of recent changes to building regulations and the heightened importance of sustainability, including the growing significance of the retrofit agenda, it is more important than ever for professionals in the housing industry to stay up-to-date on best practices for specifying building services.

This session will explore the regulatory landscape and how it affects the specification process for building services in residential buildings and examine the latest trends and innovations in sustainable design, including strategies for reducing energy use, increasing efficiency, and improving indoor air quality.

Throughout the session, our speaker Buro Happold’s Wayne Early will share insights on topics such as ventilation, heating, cooling, and lighting, highlighting the latest technologies and best practices for ensuring high-performance building services. Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in interactive discussions and ask questions, both during and before the event.

Chair: Hollie Tye
Specification editor
Assemble Media Group
Wayne Early
Buro Happold

Tuesday 27 June

By invitation only 
In-person roundtable

The Edwardian Manchester
Free Trade Hall
Peter Street, Manchester

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How can the social housing sector deliver the homes we need in the current landscape?

There is no question that the current market landscape presents the social housing sector with a plethora of challenges. From the turbulence around planning reform, building safety and net zero regulatory change, to the social housing rent cap, new consumer regulation and the general economic climate – the industry is facing a period of unprecedented flux. But it is equally true that the UK still remains in desperate need of a boost to social housing development, meaning the question becomes – how can the sector navigate the current landscape to deliver the needed homes?

In this session, chaired by head of content Carl Brown, we will discuss the challenges to housing delivery those working in social housing development are currently facing, as well as those they see to be the most significant in the short-, medium- and long-term. As part of this, we will explore the exclusive findings of the latest Housing Today Boardroom market survey, which will provide insight into the wider market’s views and current delivery rates.  Participants will also be asked to discuss what is needed to overcome these challenges and what role both government and industry have in delivering the homes the country needs.

Participants include:
Chair: Carl Brown
Head of content
Assemble Media Group
Trina Chakravarti
Project director
Building Better
Richard Cook
Group director of development
Caroline Dove
Jane Gallifent
Development and sales director
Shelagh Grant
Chief executive
Housing Forum
Alyson Heald
Partnerships director NW
Philip Jenkins
Group development director
Martyn Jones
Executive director: Development & sales
Kathryn Pennington
Divisional special projects director
Countryside Partnerships
Richard Petty
Head of UK Living – Value and risk advisory
Helen Spencer
Executive director of growth
Great Places Housing Group
Tom Titherington
Chief investment and development officer
Caroline Toogood
Project director
Kevin Williams
Group development director
The Guinness Partnership


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