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Housing Today Live is back and bigger than ever in 2024.
This year the Housing Today Live programme will feature quarterly, CPD accredited events, including a mix of webinar, roundtable and conference sessions.
On top of this each event will have a tie in with our most recent quarterly Housing Today Boardroom exclusive research.
The first of these events is set to take place on 28 March and will include a series of virtual sessions covering some of the biggest topics for the UK housing sector.
Explore the agenda and register for the free-to-attend sessions below
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Thursday 28 March


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Navigating transformation: A deep dive into the regulatory reform driven by Awaab’s Law

In an era of constant change, housing providers face evolving challenges and opportunities that demand a nuanced understanding of the regulatory landscape. Awaab’s Law, which was introduced in the landmark Social Housing Regulation Act 2023, requires landlords to investigate and fix reported health hazards within specified timeframes.

In this session we will unpack what these changes are, what they mean for housing providers and how they can be best tackled.

Key points include:

Introduction to Awaab’s Law:
– Gain a comprehensive understanding of the key provisions and objectives of Awaab’s Law
– Explore the implications of the regulatory changes on housing providers

Navigating compliance challenges:
– Delve into the specific compliance requirements mandated by Awaab’s Law.
– Learn practical strategies for housing providers to ensure seamless adherence to the new regulations.

Impact on housing operations:
– Examine how Awaab’s Law is set to reshape the landscape of housing operations.
– Discuss potential challenges and identify proactive measures for effective operational management.

Best practice for implementation:
– Hear from industry experts on successful case studies and best practices in implementing regulatory reforms.
– Obtain actionable insights on aligning your organization with the spirit of Awaab’s Law.

Speakers include:
Chair: Carl Brown
Head of content
Assemble Media Group
Neal Ackcral
Chief operating officer
The Hyde Group
Helen Buchan
Head of product
Amanda Stubbs
Trowers & Hamlins
Understanding the impact of sustainability regulatory changes on the UK housing sector

As the world strives towards a more sustainable future, the housing industry finds itself at the forefront of transformative shifts. From new EPC rating requirements, to the Future Homes Standard, there is no shortage of challenges facing those building and managing the country’s housing stock.

In this session, our expert panel will provide a guide to the intricacies of the regulatory landscape, providing valuable insights to help navigate and thrive in the era of green building.

Green building standards: Explore the evolving standards and certifications that are set to shape the future of the UK housing sector. Understand how compliance with these standards can not only enhance environmental performance but also boost the market value of properties.

Energy efficiency mandates: Uncover the latest energy efficiency requirements and mandates affecting residential properties. Learn about innovative technologies and practices that can help you meet and exceed these standards, leading to reduced operational costs and a lower carbon footprint.

Circular economy principles: Gain a deep understanding of the circular economy principles that are gaining prominence in the housing sector. Discover how adopting circular practices can not only contribute to sustainability but also create opportunities for cost savings and resource efficiency.

Financial implications: Delve into the financial aspects of sustainability in the housing sector. Our experts will discuss potential funding opportunities, incentives, and the economic benefits associated with adopting green practices. They will also discuss the financial challenges of meeting requirements.

Risk mitigation strategies: Identify potential risks associated with non-compliance and explore effective strategies to mitigate them. Understand how staying ahead of regulatory changes can position your organisation as a leader in sustainable development.

Speakers include:
Chair: Daniel Gayne
Assemble Media Group
Mitch Cooke
Richard Ellis
Director of sustainability
Lynne Sullivan
Good Homes Alliance

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