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Monday 24 June


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Achieving Part L compliance in housing with fully electric solutions

Undeniably, the industry needs practical guidance on complying with the requirements of Part L. In this session, we will explore how fully electric, low-carbon hot water generation, electric space heating and ventilation systems can help revolutionise residential living while drastically reducing the carbon footprint of homes.

Our expert panel will elucidate the critical role of Part L compliance in driving energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in new home construction. Delve into the seamless integration of electric heating technologies with photovoltaic (PV) panels and unlocking energy efficiency and eco-friendliness.

For developers and industry professionals, we’ll dissect essential considerations surrounding compliant electric hot water and space heating systems. From navigating regulatory landscapes to implementing practical solutions, you will glean insights that can help optimise development projects and move net zero efforts forward.

Moreover, we’ll delve into the imperative task of reshaping homeowner perceptions towards renewable heating and hot water technologies.

Key topics include:

  • Unveiling the significance of Part L compliance in fostering energy efficiency and sustainability in new residential homes
  • Integrating low-carbon heating technologies with PV panels for heightened eco-friendliness
  • Developer’s roadmap for implementing compliant renewable hot water generation and electric heating systems
  • Strategies to increase the understanding and cultivate homeowner enthusiasm for renewable hot water and space heating technologies


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Unlocking housing delivery: What do we need from the English planning system?

The English planning system plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of housing delivery, yet it often is seen as the cause of challenges and barriers that hinder the efficient provision of homes for communities across the country. 

As the demand for housing continues to outstrip supply, there is an urgent need to assess and enhance the effectiveness of the planning system to facilitate the delivery of much-needed housing. Join us for an insightful webinar as we explore the key considerations and reforms necessary to unlock housing delivery in England through an improved planning framework.

Discussion points include:

1. Assessing the English planning system: Examining the strengths and weaknesses of the existing planning system in facilitating housing delivery, including regulatory frameworks, planning processes, and decision-making mechanisms.

2. Streamlining planning processes: Discussing strategies to streamline planning processes, reduce bureaucracy, and expedite the approval of housing developments while maintaining high-quality design and sustainability standards.

3. Addressing barriers to development: Identifying common barriers to housing delivery within the planning system, such as resourcing, infrastructure requirements, community objections, and legal challenges, and exploring solutions to overcome them.

4. Promoting collaboration and engagement: Highlighting the importance of collaboration and engagement between local authorities, developers, communities, and other stakeholders in the planning process to ensure inclusive and sustainable development.

5. Incorporating sustainability and design principles: Exploring the integration of sustainability principles, design quality standards, and placemaking considerations into the planning system to create vibrant, resilient, and inclusive communities.

6. Future directions and policy recommendations: Discussing potential reforms and policy recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the English planning system in unlocking housing delivery and addressing the evolving needs of society.

Tuesday 25 June

By invitation only 
In-person roundtable
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Insights into the housing sector: Industry priorities ahead of the general election

As the UK gears up for the upcoming election, gaining insights into the priorities of the housing sector is crucial. Join us for a stimulating roundtable discussion where key stakeholders will gather to analyse, discuss, and strategise on the critical issues shaping the housing landscape.

The roundtable aims to establish a comprehensive understanding of the housing sector’s priorities in the UK in the lead-up to the election by identifying the key challenges, opportunities, and solutions that will shape the housing agenda for the nation.

Discussion topics will include:

1. Affordable housing: Assessing the urgent need for affordable housing solutions and exploring strategies to increase affordability, address housing shortages, and support vulnerable populations.

2. Housing supply and demand: Analysing the dynamics of housing supply and demand across different regions of the UK and identifying measures to promote balanced development and address housing disparities.

3. Social housing: Discussing strategies to tackle homelessness, provide adequate support for individuals experiencing housing insecurity, and enhance the provision of social housing.

4. Sustainable development: Exploring the integration of sustainability principles into housing policies and practices to promote energy efficiency, environmental conservation, and resilience to climate change.

Participants include:
Chair: Carl Brown
Head of content
Assemble Media Group
Suzy Jones
Head of futures
Urban Splash
Graham Kauders
Commercial director
Shelagh Grant
Chief executive
The Housing Forum
By invitation only 
In-person roundtable
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How can we unlock housing delivery in the north-west of England?

The north-west of England presents a dynamic landscape where the demand for housing continues to outstrip supply, posing challenges for residents, policymakers, and industry stakeholders alike.

With an ever-growing population and evolving socio-economic needs, there is an urgent call to action to unlock housing delivery and address the region’s housing shortfall. Join us for a collaborative roundtable discussion to explore innovative strategies and collaborative approaches to tackle the housing crisis in the North-west.

Discussion topics will include:

    1. Identifying barriers to housing delivery: Delving into the key challenges hindering housing delivery in the North-west, including planning constraints, land availability, funding limitations, and regulatory hurdles.

    2. Promoting collaboration and partnership: Discussing the importance of fostering collaboration between public and private sectors, housing associations, local authorities, and community groups to streamline processes and maximise resources for housing delivery.

    3. Innovative financing models: Exploring alternative financing mechanisms and investment strategies to unlock capital for housing development projects, including public-private partnerships, community land trusts, and social impact investing.

    4. Addressing infrastructure needs: Assessing the role of infrastructure investment in unlocking housing delivery, including transportation networks, utilities, schools, healthcare facilities, and green spaces to support sustainable communities.

    5. Embracing sustainable, equitable and affordable housing: Examining strategies to prioritise sustainability, affordability, and inclusivity in housing delivery, including the promotion of energy-efficient design, modular construction, and affordable housing quotas.

    6. Participants include:
Chair: Daniel Gayne
Assemble Media Group
Sarah Campbell
Associate director, housing, PRP
Bronwen Rapley
Chief executive
Onward Homes
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