Thank you to everyone who attended our Net Zero Live two day conference, on 28 and 29th April. All sessions are now available to view on demand. 

CO2nstructZero: The industry’s plan to drive out carbon 

The Future Buildings and Future Homes Standards

Are traditional housebuilding methods holding back the carbon agenda? 

Delivering Net Zero Buildings: Hear from the Experts

Wednesday 28th April, 9.30 - 10.30am: CO2nstructZero – the industry’s plan to drive out carbon

Held in association with the Construction Leadership Council, this webinar session will cover:

– What is CO2nstructZero?
– What policy changes will we need to deliver Net Zero in construction?
– How can we secure the skills for a CO2nstructZero future?
– How can industry work with clients and consumers to achieve Net Zero?
– How can we measure success?

Speakers include:

Hannah Vickers, Chief Executive, Association for Consultancy & Engineering
David Pinder, Chair, Green Construction Board

Wednesday 28th April, 11.30am - 12.30pm: The Future Buildings & Homes Standards

The Government recently published the Future Buildings Standard consultation, marking the second stage of a two-part consultation which proposes great changes to building regulations in the UK. It builds on the Future Homes Standard launched in 2019 which focussed on improving energy efficiency of new homes, and further sets out energy and ventilation standards for non-domestic buildings & existing homes.

The changes highlighted in these documents have a huge impact on the industry at every level. 

Hear from our panel of experts as we explore the changes and what these will mean for our industry.

Current speakers include:

Lynne Sullivan RIBA, Good Homes Alliance and Green Construction Board
David Bownass, Head of UK Net Zero Design Consulting, JLL
Alan Fogarty, Sustainability Partner, Cundall
Home Builders Federation representative

Wednesday 28th April, 2.00-3.00pm: Are traditional housebuilding methods holding back the carbon agenda?

The UK Government has set the ambitious target of ensuring that all new build homes are Net Zero by 2025, which places immense pressure on our current house building methods as we must evolve to meet these targets. New legislation will require new build homes to be future-proofed with low carbon heating and world-leading levels of energy efficiency but are our traditional housebuilding methods equipped to do this, or could it be holding back the carbon agenda?

Join our panel of experts as we discuss some of the key challenges and how we can best overcome these:

– What are the limitations to traditional methods’ ability to deliver net zero ambitions?
– Are there modern methods better placed to meet these targets?
– How do we drive energy efficiency in existing houses to achieve net zero ambitions?
– What technologies and products are best placed to support the government’s net zero goals?

Current speakers include: 

James Mills, Product Manager, ROCKWOOL UK
Joe Ragdale, Technical Director, Wetherby Building Systems
Marion Baeli, Partner, PDP London
Nigel Banks
, Director of Special Projects, Ilke Homes
Scott Crease, Residential Leader, Max Fordham


Thursday 29th April. 11am - 12pm: Delivering Net Zero Buildings

With the UK having been one of the first major economies to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050, the need to deliver net zero carbon buildings is imperative and the industry must work together to ensure that all new and existing buildings are fit for purpose.

We will hear from leaders from all levels of the project teams as we understand the practical implications of delivering net zero buildings.

– How can we build Net Zero in to both the design process and the initial stakeholder decision-making processes?
– What are the cost implications in delivering Net Zero buildings?
– How can we incorporate new innovations and technologies from the beginning to achieve Net Zero buildings?

Current speakers include:

Crawford Wright, Head of Architecture and Design: Schools and Colleges from the Department of Education
Simon Nicholas, UK Managing Director, Robert Bird Group
Simon Wyatt, Partner, Cundall
Jesse Putzel, Head of Sustainability, BAM Construct

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