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Net Zero Live

11 May 2023

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Driving to Net Zero: Building Awards Net Zero Award finalists share their next steps

While the push toward net zero is an issue facing more than just those working in construction, but is particularly important for the sector given that the built environment contributes around 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint. And while many individuals and groups are pushing to make progress on it is also integral we take lessons learned from those already making strides in this area.

In this session, we hear from the finalists of the Net Zero Award at the 2022 Building Awards. Each speaker will share the details of the initiative that saw them make the shortlist, as well as the key challenges they faced and how they overcame them. We will also ask them to share what progress they have continued to make.

Speakers include:

Chair: Chloe McCulloch
Editorial director
Assemble Media Group
Lauren Davies
Senior Engineer
Kate Dougherty
Ian Goodfellow
Penoyre & Prasad
Peter Hazzard
Associate director, building services
Michael Ruddick
Claire Wakelin
Head of education
HLM Architects


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Net zero for existing assets: Determining an approach for retrofit and refurbishment

Eighty percent of all the buildings that will exist in 2050 have already been built today. This means that if any serious progress toward net zero is to be made it is imperative that we look at how we can best retrofit and refurbish existing assets.

In this session, our panel of experts discuss how to determine the best approach when it comes to retrofit and refurbishment, how to best prepare for deep retrofit, the challenges encountered on different asset types, and how they can be overcome. They will also discuss how determine if retrofit and refurbishment is not the most sustainable option for a particular project and what to do in this situation.

Speakers include:

Chair: Jordan Marshall
Special projects editor
Assemble Media Group
Peter Dunn
Regional director
Yetunde Abdul
Head of climate action
Laura Baron
Head of sustainability


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Specifying for net zero carbon in the commercial sector

When it comes to achieving net zero carbon commercial buildings it is vital to assess carbon emissions associated with the complete lifecycle of a building. It is imperative to strike the right balance between operational carbon and embodied carbon when both designing new and retrofitting existing commercial buildings.

In this session, our panel of experts will explore the areas that must be considered when designing a net zero commercial workspace. The discussion will centre on exploring the design requirements, as well as the product and material specifications that can enable their delivery. They will consider all aspects of building design.

Chair: Hollie Tye
Specification editor
Assemble Media Group
Debra Smith
Divisional sustainability manager
Kingspan Data & Flooring
Ceire Kenny
Sustainable futures manager
Peter Stocks
Member of the technical affairs committee
British Council for Offices
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