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Net Zero Live

9 May 2024

11.00am - noon

Reaching net zero: How to maximise commercial retrofits

As the urgency to address climate change intensifies, retrofitting existing commercial buildings plays a pivotal role in achieving net zero goals. This is particularly evident when considering the fact that, according to the UKGBC, approximately 70% of the UK’s non-residential building stock constructed before the year 2000.

In this session you will join industry experts as they share insights, strategies, and real-world examples that showcase the critical factors in successfully retrofitting commercial spaces for a more sustainable future.

Key discussion points include:

1. Net zero imperative: Navigating the path to sustainability
– Gain an understanding of the importance of net zero in commercial retrofit projects and its role in contributing to global sustainability goals.
– Explore the environmental impact of retrofitting existing structures and the potential for significant carbon reduction.

2. Holistic approach to retrofitting: Beyond energy efficiency
– Uncover the key considerations beyond energy efficiency, including water conservation, indoor air quality, and sustainable materials.
– Learn how a holistic approach ensures a comprehensive and sustainable transformation in commercial retrofit projects.

3. Energy-efficient technologies: Retrofitting for performance
– Delve into the latest energy-efficient technologies, materials and innovations available for retrofitting commercial spaces.
– Explore case studies that highlight the successful integration of technologies to optimise energy performance and reduce operational costs.

4. Financial considerations and incentives
– Understand the financial aspects of commercial retrofits, including initial investment, long-term savings, and available incentives.
– Explore funding mechanisms, grants, and government incentives that make net zero commercial retrofits financially viable.

5. Engaging stakeholders: Collaboration for success
– Explore the importance of stakeholder engagement in successful commercial retrofit projects.
– Learn effective strategies for involving tenants, building owners, and the community in the net zero journey.

Chair: Jordan Marshall
Special projects editor
Assemble Media Group
Peter Fisher
Bennetts Associates


Materials matter: How are advancements in low-carbon construction products driving the net zero agenda?

In a time where sustainable practices are at the forefront of global development, this webinar will explore the latest innovations, technologies, and materials that are reshaping the landscape of construction.

This session will unpack how the latest innovations in materials production and manufacture is impacting the built environment’s pursuit of net zero. It will also explore the interplay between innovation in the pursuit of sustainability with regulatory reform and technological innovation.

Key highlights:

Cutting-edge materials: Discover the most recent breakthroughs in low-carbon construction materials, including eco-friendly concrete alternatives, sustainable insulation, and revolutionary composites designed to reduce environmental impact.

Environmental impact assessment: Gain valuable insights into the life cycle analysis of these materials, examining their carbon footprint and assessing how they contribute to overall sustainability goals in the construction industry.

Technological integration: Explore how technology is playing a pivotal role in advancing low-carbon construction materials, from smart sensors for monitoring building performance to innovative manufacturing processes that minimise resource usage.

Regulatory landscape: Stay informed about the latest regulations and standards driving the adoption of low-carbon construction materials globally. Understand how these regulations are shaping the industry and influencing construction practices.

Future outlook: Get a glimpse into the future of construction with insights from industry experts on upcoming trends, research initiatives, and potential breakthroughs that could further revolutionise low-carbon construction.

Chair: Hollie Tye
Specification editor
Assemble Media Group
Rory Bergin
Partner and Sustainable Futures Lead
HTA Design