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Net Zero Live

22 & 23 November 2023

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22 November


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Mind the insulation gap – why stability and continuity are key for long-term performance

A 2014 report by Zero Carbon Homes found that 16% of new-build properties showed clear evidence of the gap between designed and as-built performance. With the challenges of translating specification into practice in mind, this panel discussion explores the risks of performance gaps in insulation, the long-term implications of these, and why material specification is key to closing the gap. The panel will examine how best to secure long-term performance from a research and practical perspective.

Key discussion points will include:
  1. Importance of measured evidence and a multi-dimensional approach to specification
  2. Ensuring continuity of performance from plans to post-occupancy
  3. New test data examining the natural properties of stone wool

Speakers include:
Chair: Jordan Marshall
Special projects editor
Assemble Media Group
Rupert Daly
Associate director & Passivhaus designer
John Gilbert Architects
James Francis
Product manager, general building insulation
Professor Will Swan
Director energy house laboratories
University of Salford


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Carbon-based decision making: To rebuild or retrofit?

In today’s rapidly changing world, sustainable building practices are no longer an option but a necessity. As architects, builders, and property owners, it’s crucial to make informed decisions that minimise the environmental impact of projects – with the decision around whether a project should be based on rebuild or retrofit principles being one of the core early decisions to be made.

In this webinar delve into the complex and critical concept of whole-life carbon assessment, which evaluates the carbon emissions associated with a building’s entire lifecycle, from construction and operation to demolition and disposal. The panel of experts will explore the intricate balance between rebuilding structures from the ground up and retrofitting existing buildings, considering both environmental and economic factors.

Speakers include:
Chair: Thomas Lane
Group technical editor
Assemble Media Group
Nick Corbyn
Chief design and development officer
The Office Group
Will Lavelle
Associate – embodied carbon lead, building design
Craig Robertson
Associate & head of sustainability
Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

23 November


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Pioneering design: Combining fabric with low and zero carbon technologies in new homes

The global commitment to combat climate change is stronger than ever, and the housing sector plays a pivotal role in achieving sustainability goals. New homes represent a canvas of opportunity for integrating low and zero carbon technologies that can reduce environmental impact, whilst increasing energy efficiency and comfort, and reducing cost savings for homeowners.

But these technologies can only be effective if new homes are energy efficient and right now there’s a performance gap that threatens to undermine their success.

This webinar is your opportunity to understand the latest advancements in sustainable home design and construction, as well as the steps we must take to ensure their potential is realised. Key discussion points will include:
  1. Sustainable home design fundamentals
  2. Innovations in low and zero carbon technology
  3. Closing the performance gap to achieve energy efficiency
  4. Case studies in sustainable housebuilding

Speakers include:
Chair: Hollie Tye
Specification editor
Assemble Media Group
David Adams
Strategic advisor
Future Homes Hub
Jamie Bursnell
Group technical and innovation manager Bellway Homes
Neil Hargreaves
Managing director
Knauf Insulation Northern Europe
Tackling carbon emissions across the built environment supply chain

The built environment is a significant contributor to global carbon emissions, and addressing this issue requires a holistic approach that goes beyond individual construction projects. In this webinar, we will explore how to identify, measure, and mitigate carbon emissions across the entire supply chain, from raw material extraction to construction and operation.

Key topics to be covered:
  1. Supply chain analysis: Learn how to assess and analyse the carbon footprint of your entire supply chain, identifying key areas for improvement.
  2. Sustainable sourcing: Explore strategies for responsibly sourcing materials and products, minimising the carbon impact at the source.
  3. Green building practices: Discover innovative construction techniques and technologies that reduce emissions during the building process.
  4. Collaboration and Transparency: Understand the importance of collaboration and transparency among stakeholders in achieving carbon reduction goals.

Speakers include:
Chair: Chloe McCulloch
Editorial director
Assemble Media Group
Tim Clement
Director of sustainability
Morgan Sindall Construction
Ashwin Halaria
Associate director
Anna Lisa McSweeney
Sustainability lead
White Arkitekter