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Risk & Regulations Live is back in 2024!

Join us this March for two full days of expert panel debates exploring the latest regulatory reform impacting the built environment.

Day one will consist of two webinars focused on the latest building safety changes and how they are affecting the industry.

Day two will be made up of several virtual sessions looking at the broader regulatory changes set to impact the sector in 2024. 

See below to view the full programme and register for your chosen sessions.

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Navigating progress: A comprehensive review of the Building Safety Regulator’s inaugural year and its future roadmap

The Building Safety Regulator launched its new regulatory regime in April 2023. Now, almost 12 months on, this session aims to take an in-depth look at the accomplishments, challenges, and the envisioned future of the BSR. This webinar promises to highlight and explore the regulator’s impact on the construction sector thus far and highlight what future changes will mean for the sector moving forward.

Key points include:

Introduction to the Building Safety Regulator: Gain a full understanding of the Building Safety Regulator and its mandate by exploring the key areas of focus and its role in enhancing building safety standards.

Reviewing the first 12 months: Delve into a comprehensive review of the regulator’s achievements, challenges, and notable milestones, as our panel of experts analyse the regulator’s influence on the construction industry, compliance standards, and safety protocols.

Supply chain involvement: Explore how the BSR has integrated and worked with different parts of the construction supply chain and what it means to individual parts of the sector. We will also discuss what this looks like moving forward.

Case studies and impact assessment: Examine real-world case studies showcasing the Building Safety Regulator’s interventions and understand the tangible impact on construction projects and building safety across different scales.

Stakeholder perspectives: Hear from industry professionals, architects, builders, and regulatory experts about their experiences and observations, while gaining insights into how various stakeholders perceive the influence of the Building Safety Regulator.

Future roadmap and initiatives: Explore the next steps of the regulator’s regime set to come into effect in upcoming months and years, and learn about planned initiatives, reforms, and advancements that will shape the building safety landscape.

Speakers include:
Chair: Carl Brown
Head of content
Assemble Media Group
James McNay
Divisional director, fire safety
Suzannah Nichol
Chief executive
Build UK
Vicky Saunders
Managing director
BTP Architects


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Building control: Navigating the impact of regulatory changes on the wider UK sector

Building control professionals play a critical role in ensuring the safety and quality of our built environment. From April 2024 the profession will be regulated by the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) to raise industry standards and increase public trust. This will include a requirement for building control professionals to register with BSR.

In this session we will explore the transformative changes in building control regulations and their profound implications for the wider UK sector. Join us for an insightful webinar that aims to decipher the nuances of recent amendments, equipping professionals and stakeholders with the knowledge needed to thrive in this evolving regulatory landscape.

Key points include:

In-depth regulatory overview: Our expert panel will provide a detailed analysis of the recent changes to building control in the UK. From updated codes to new compliance requirements, gain a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory shifts shaping the sector.

Sector-specific insights: Tailored discussions will delve into how these changes uniquely impact various professions and sectors within construction. Whether you’re involved in residential construction, commercial development, or infrastructure projects, our experts will address the specific challenges and opportunities arising from the amended regulations.

Compliance strategies: Navigate the evolving regulatory framework with confidence. Learn about the revised compliance strategies and best practices that will ensure your projects adhere to the latest building control standards, fostering efficiency and excellence.

Technological integration: Explore the role of technology in adapting to the changes in building control. Discover innovative solutions and digital tools that can streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and facilitate compliance in the modern construction landscape.

Implications for stakeholders: Understand how the regulatory changes impact key stakeholders, including architects, developers, contractors, and local authorities. Gain insights into collaborative approaches that foster effective communication and project success.

Speakers include:

Chair: Thomas Lane
Group technical editor
Assemble Media Group
Gerard Cooper
Head of building control professional standards
Building Safety Regulator
Paul Jolly
Technical director
Andy Mullins
Head of quality
Natalia Thomas Alvarez
Director of building control
Premier Guarantee



Unpacking change: A deep-dive into the Construction Industry Scheme reform

The sector is preparing for a shift in the tax regime that governs it thanks to the impending Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) reform. Join this webinar to gain valuable insights into the changes that will redefine the landscape for contractors, subcontractors, and industry stakeholders alike.

Key points include:

Understanding the reform: Our expert speakers will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the upcoming CIS reform, shedding light on the legislative changes and their implications for businesses operating within the construction sector.

Compliance strategies: Navigate the reform with confidence by gaining a clear understanding of the revised compliance requirements. Learn about the new obligations, reporting procedures, and how to ensure your business remains compliant in the evolving regulatory environment.

Impact on contractors and subcontractors: Delve into how the CIS reform will specifically affect contractors and subcontractors. Discover the adjustments needed in your operational and financial strategies to thrive in the transformed landscape.

Digital transformation: Explore the role of technology in adapting to the new CIS requirements. Learn about digital tools and platforms that can streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure seamless compliance in the reformed CIS.

Risk mitigation strategies: Identify potential risks associated with the CIS reform and develop proactive strategies to mitigate them. Our speakers will provide practical insights and actionable tips to help you safeguard your business interests.

Speakers include:

Chair: Jordan Marshall
Special projects editor
Assemble Media Group
Isobelle Byrne
Senior Policy Advisor
Jamie Eddy
Practice solutions lead

Decoding the implications of the new National Planning Policy Framework for the sector

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) serves as the cornerstone for planning decisions across the nation, shaping the future of development and land use.

This webinar aims to unravel the complexities of the new framework, offering a comprehensive understanding of its implications for professionals and stakeholders in various sectors.

Key points include:

Comprehensive overview: Our expert panel will provide a thorough overview of the key changes and updates within the new NPPF, offering clarity on how these modifications will shape planning policies.

Industry-specific insights: Tailored discussions will explore the direct and indirect effects of the NPPF on specific sectors. Whether you’re involved in real estate, construction, environmental planning, or related fields, our experts will address the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the framework.

Strategic planning: Learn how to strategically align your projects with the revised NPPF to maximize benefits and mitigate potential challenges. Our speakers will provide practical advice on navigating planning processes in the current regulatory landscape.

Policy interpretation: Gain insights into the nuances of policy interpretation and implementation. Understand how the NPPF may impact local planning authorities, developers, and communities, and how to navigate these changes effectively.

Speakers include:
Chair: Daniel Gayne
Assemble Media Group
Pamela Chesterman
Irwin Mitchell
Charlotte Watson
Senior policy advisor
Chris Webber
Group planning manager


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Managing and delivering Part L regulations

Part L regulatory changes and updates have introduced significant shifts in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability standards, impacting the built environment. This webinar will explore the intricacies of the latest Part L changes and provide the insights needed to effectively manage and deliver projects in this evolving landscape. 

Key highlights include:

Comprehensive overview of Part L updates

  • Dive deep into the recent changes to Part L regulations, understanding the implications for building design, energy performance, and environmental sustainability.
  • Gain clarity on the specific requirements and how they contribute to the broader goals of reducing carbon emissions and enhancing energy efficiency.

Strategies for seamless integration

  • Explore practical strategies for seamlessly integrating the latest Part L requirements into your projects, ensuring compliance without compromising design or functionality.
  • Learn from industry experts who have successfully navigated and implemented these changes in various projects.

Technological solutions for enhanced performance

  • Discover cutting-edge technologies and tools that can aid in achieving and surpassing Part L compliance.
  • Explore case studies showcasing the successful integration of innovative solutions to enhance building performance while meeting regulatory standards.

Project management best practices

  • Uncover effective project management methodologies tailored to meet the challenges posed by the updated Part L regulations.
  • Learn how to streamline processes, collaborate efficiently, and deliver projects on time and within the new energy efficiency parameters.

Future-proofing strategies

  • Anticipate future regulatory developments and understand how to implement strategies that will future-proof your projects against upcoming changes.
  • Explore opportunities for innovation and sustainable practices that align with long-term environmental goals.

Speakers include: 

Chair: Chloe McCulloch
Editorial director
Assemble Media Group
Jamie Bursnell
Technical & innovation manager
Benedict Wallbank
BIM strategy & partnerships manager – EMEA
Trimble Viewpoint
Nick Wilde
Practice director
Constructive Thinking

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