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Wednesday 22 June

On the first day of Social Value Live we look to explore how firms from across the built environment are embedding social value principles, particularly EDI priorities, within their businesses.

Two key elements will be examined across our two sessions: widening the talent pool to broaden and diversify construction’s workforce and then how firms can retain and enrich that diverse workforce once it is in place.

The whole day is part of our Every Person Counts campaign.

Explore the day’s agenda below


Skills crisis: How can construction widen the talent pool – and do the right thing

The fact construction has a dire skills shortage is not new – however if we ever wish to start tackling this it is undeniable the industry needs to start pulling from a wider pool. And what it is also indisputable, regardless of skills shortages, is that firms in the industry must improve their employee diversity if they wish to embed social value within their firms. But what can construction and built environment firms do to start reaching a more diverse range of potential employees?  

In this session hear from an array of speakers as they give you their firm’s one big example of widening the talent pool to improve their firm’s social value credentials. Each speaker will have a maximum of five minutes to explain a recruitment method, programme or approach they have used to employ talent from a more diverse background. They will then come together to answer your questions. 

Speakers include: 

Chair: Jordan Marshall
Special projects editor
Assemble Media Group
Alex Lawrence
UK head of talent and inclusion
Amos Simbo
Black Professionals in Construction
Liz Male MBE
Communications Lead
CLC Construction Talent Retention Scheme / Talentview Construction
Michelle McSorley
Residential social value director
Karen Mosley
Managing director and DIB sponsor
HLM Architects ​
Steph Crombie
Head of sustainability
Morrow + Lorraine

Retaining talent: How to create an inclusive company culture? 

Equality, diversity and inclusion within a company are undeniably important for its social value credentials. But the early and mid-career attrition rates of employees from diverse backgrounds are significantly higher than the industry average. This is not only a skills leak firms can ill-afford at a time when there is a real battle on for staff across the sector but also severely impacts businesses from a diversity perspective and highlights likely equality issues. The question is, what can firms do to start tackling these problems? What barriers and deterrents need to be removed? And what incentives or policies need to be put in place to provide support?

Our panel will discuss best practice in setting up an inclusive culture, looking at everything from employment incentives, to corporate messaging, to social activities. They will discuss what barriers employees from non-traditional construction backgrounds face that are often not considered and look at ways these can start to be broken down. They will also discuss the importance of fostering a long-term workplace for people of all backgrounds in supporting a business’ broader social responsibility.

Speakers include:

Chair: Carl Brown
Head of content
Assemble Media Group
Anouk Khan
Head of growth
Cambridge Finance
Nzinga Orgill
Founder and CEO
Martin Smith
Project director
Buro Four
Helen Redfern
Chief people officer

Picture credit: Stuart Thomas Photography


Thursday 23 June

On the second day of Social Value Live our focus shifts to social value on projects.

The day’s sessions will examine how social value is an integral part of schemes at all stages of a scheme – from pre-construction stages including planning, procurement and financing, to construction and post-completion. 

Explore the day’s agenda below


Getting started: Embedding social value pre-construction

While reports are swirling that the government is planning to review and possibly even lessen the weighting given to social value in its procurement, the importance of embedding social value in the earliest stages of projects has never been as important. Given many people and communities are facing increases in the cost of living, businesses are facing soaring inflationary pressures and – the question is what should firms be looking at in the earliest stages of a project?

In this session our panel will discuss the importance of embedding social value in a project from the outset, and will explore the implications on funding, procurement, and the planning process. They will also explore the impact of early social value considerations on the end outcome of the project.

Speakers include:

Chair: Chloe McCulloch
Editorial director
Assemble Media Group
Holly Wilkinson
Architect, social value advisor
Matthew Morgan
Quality of Life Foundation
Nivene Powell
Head of communities
EcoWorld London


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Social value in action: Case studies of social value at work

Following on from the day’s first session, our second panel talk will explore the importance of social value in the construction and post-completion phase of a scheme. These real-life examples will provide a variety of examples of social value best practice and provide insight into new and innovative ways the industry can support and better the wider community.

Our panel, drawn from across the construction sector, will each detail a case study around the delivery of social value on real-life construction projects. Each speaker will give a short presentation on the scheme, detailing how social value was applied during construction, as well as the social value delivered post-completion. The panel will then come together for a group discussion and an audience Q&A session.

Speakers include: 

Chair: Thomas Lane
Group technical editor
Assemble Media Group
Sarah Lambshead
Strategic social value lead
Faithful & Gould
Mike Little
Head of social value
Morgan Sindall Construction

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