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Speaker: Risk & Regulations Webinar

David Frise,
Chief Executive Office,


A former nuclear submariner, David left the Royal Navy to move into building engineering services contracting working as an M&E contractor for 25 years, before branching out into renewable energy systems. 

He has served as a non-executive board member of Summitskills, the Construction Products Association and as chair of the BIM group at the Specialist Engineering Contractors.

He was the chief executive of the Finishes and Interiors Sector FIS representing the fit out industry for seven years. 

David has had a long association with BESA as an active member and in 2018 was appointed Chief Executive.

He is a frequent speaker on energy efficiency, system integration, government energy and low carbon initiatives and the gap between design and performance in buildings. A long-suffering Tottenham Hotspur fan, David is a sometime stand-up comedian.