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Speaker: Digital Building Week

Dr Stacy Sinclair,
Partner and Head of Technology & Innovation, Fenwick Elliott

Stacy leads Fenwick Elliott’s technology and innovation initiatives, overseeing the development and implementation of new legal technologies, as well as collaborating and engaging with clients on new digital technologies in the construction and legal industries. She is responsible for Fenwick Elliott’s IT and infrastructure, internal tech operations, platforms and legal workflows and external client initiatives and products.

In addition to technology and innovation, Stacy has a broad range of experience in construction and engineering matters and has advised clients on both contentious and non-contentious issues, including non-payment, non-performance, variations to contracts, defects and specific construction legislation.

Stacy has a particular interest in the digital transformation of the construction industry, including digital twins, robotics, off-site manufacturing, the Internet of Things, BIM and AI/machine learning.

Before qualifying as a solicitor, Stacy practised as an Architect, principally designing large-scale projects such as stadiums, hospitals and education buildings in both the UK and the US. This dual-qualification and experience in the construction industry prior to practising law provides a unique expertise and platform for advising on technical issues and the digital transformation of both the construction and legal industries.