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Now in its third year World Architecture 100 Live is discussing issues at the heart of the global architecture community. As part of Building Design’s WA100 2024, we will be running a full-day international event talking to some of the biggest global architects about the reality of working in the global arena – including the state of the global market, latest technological influences and the international client drivers. 
Join us from 9.30am GMT on 6 February for live panel and interview sessions and exclusive content that will provide insight, advice and analysis for practices looking to expand and improve their global footprint.


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Tuesday 6th February


Global shifts: Mapping changing client priorities worldwide
The built environment sector is facing a time of unprecedented challenge, with inflationary pressures rising, political and economic uncertainty and the climate crisis all taking centre stage. As such, architects, designers, and industry stakeholders are witnessing a seismic shift in client priorities globally. This session will unravel the multifaceted dimensions driving this change and offer actionable insights into adapting to these evolving demands.

Key topics include:
  • Net zero in architecture: Uncover the pivotal role of architects in the journey towards achieving net zero goals and how this is influencing . Explore innovative design methodologies, material selections, and sustainable practices that are reshaping the architectural paradigm to align with environmental sustainability.
  • Enhanced building safety protocols: Dive into the changing dynamics of building safety standards and regulations worldwide. Understand how architects are integrating cutting-edge technologies, resilient design principles, and adaptive strategies to ensure safety in diverse contexts and geographies.
  • International priorities: Navigate through the spectrum of international priorities reshaping architectural preferences. From cultural influences to economic considerations, explore how architects are tailoring designs to meet the diverse and evolving needs of clients across continents.

Speakers include:
Chair: Ben Flatman
Architectural editor
Assemble Media Group
Toni Riddiford
Associate director architect, head of office & workplace sector
Stride Treglown
Simon Saint
Woods Bagot
Darren Wilson
Associate Architect
White Arkitekter


Looking ahead: Unpacking the state of the international architecture market
The international architecture arena is undergoing dynamic shifts, influenced by an array of factors from strong performing sectors and regions, technological advancements to socioeconomic fluctuations. In this session, we delve deep into the market’s current state and forecast its trajectory.  It provides comprehensive analysis of the present landscape and valuable insights into its future trends.

Key discussion points include:
  • Regional variances & influences: Uncover the diversity within the global architecture market as we examine regional nuances, cultural influences, and economic drivers that shape architectural trends and market demands across different continents and countries.
  • Opportunities and challenges: Delve into the opportunities that lie within this dynamic market while addressing the challenges that architects and industry stakeholders encounter. Explore strategies for capitalising on emerging opportunities and navigating potential obstacles.
  • Future projections & adaptation: Gain insights into the future trajectory of the international architecture market. Understand how architects and practices are adapting, innovating, and positioning themselves to thrive in an evolving landscape.

Speakers include:
Chair: Thomas Lane
Group technical editor
Assemble Media Group
Ed Baker
Practice principal and global urbanism leader
Broadway Malyan
Tony Burley
UK business unit director for architecture and urbanism group
Raymond Hoe
Regional director
How is AI impacting the architecture sector? 
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping industries, and architecture is no exception. This session will illuminate the profound ways in which AI is revolutionising architectural practices, design methodologies, and client experiences worldwide. Our panel of AI experts, architectural innovators, and technology pioneers will offer invaluable insights, case studies, and practical applications showcasing AI’s potential to reshape the future of the profession.

Key discussion points:
  • AI-infused design processes: Explore how AI technologies are augmenting traditional design processes. Understand the integration of AI algorithms in conceptualization, optimization, and simulation, enhancing architects’ capabilities to create innovative, efficient, and sustainable designs.
  • Enhanced planning & visualisation: Delve into AI-powered tools transforming architectural planning and visualisation. Witness the impact of AI in generating realistic visual representations, facilitating faster iterations, and improving decision-making processes throughout the design phase.
  • Sustainable design solutions: Uncover how AI contributes to achieving sustainability goals in architecture. Discover how AI-driven analytics and data-driven insights aid in optimizing building performance, energy efficiency, and material selection, aligning designs with eco-friendly principles.
  • Client-centric solutions: Explore the influence of AI on enhancing client experiences in the architectural sector. Learn how AI-driven personalisation, interactive models, and predictive analytics are reshaping client engagements and expectations.

Speakers include:
Chair: Jordan Marshall
Special projects editor
Assemble Media Group
Nathalie Rozencwajg
NAME architecture
Martha Tsigkari
Head of applied R+D
Foster + Partners
Chris Williamson
Chair and founder
Weston Williamson + Partners
Pablo Zamorano
Head of geometry and computational design
Heatherwick Studio

WA100 2024 is available now!


The ultimate guide to the who’s who of international architecture is back! The WA100 2024 ranks the top 100 architectural practices in the world, using data compiled by Camargue on behalf of Building Design.

It’s the only list available comparing practices around the globe making it an established reference point for international research.


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